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Sept. 23, ’09 Retreat Report

Posted by gkaiser on September 23, 2009

Another amazing day… and lots of grace.

Well, perhaps we should begin with last night. After dinner a lot of fun, a trip to Dairy Queen, and some good honest discussion brought a phone call to me from staff saying students wanted to gather for impromptu prayer meeting due to spiritual oppression some had been feeling, night terrors, just a bit of attack that needed some prayer.

We began with an invitation to confess sin, to repent of any door left open from the recent past. A number of people shared, prayed and there was good honest linking to the Lord going on. Then I shared Lk. 10.19, Jude 9b and a few other verses as well as my own experiences as a new Christian right out of the world, sin and no real discipline of my mind and choices. Some of our people come from such, others not so much, but in any case it was a very good moment.

Different ones shared, I sensed the Spirit telling me to check the Daily Office Compline from a Celtic Christian site, and of course yesterday’s prayer was laced with Scripture on God’s protection from the enemy at night, in the day and the fact God is our strength and stronghold! Ha… just like the Lord to do that for us all on the night ๐Ÿ™‚

Ami called us to worship and all stuck around to sing, pray and just worship the Lord for a good while, and the old guy (me) excused myself for sleep… ain’t as young as I once was!

So… today: a great day, same teachers, Wendi focused on “What is Love” from a biblical and day-to-day perspective, Curt who brought us to praying through the Word of God via Lexio Devina, Jon with more exciting (and humbling) general Jesus People movement and specific JPUSA History as relates to community living and how we got where we are now, and myself with a ton of Scripture on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. There was good discussion in and after each class.

Jon Teaches on Community

Jon Teaches on Community

Then after a break I gave a short session on creativity and imagination, quoting Pascal, M. L. King Jr. and Emerson. Good give-and-take discussion and an excellent dinner followed. As I type students and most of the staff are having a fun evening. It may rain again, but right now it’s just nice, little bit of a breeze and I’m hearing a lot of laughter around the grounds- a blessed thing!

Rest on the Dock

Thanks for your prayers and stopping by!ย  -Glenn

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A Great Day @ P12 Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 22, 2009

Rained early this a.m. but the day was mostly overcast, yet cool, bit of wind, sometimes sun so in a word, pleasant. Curt, Jon and my Wendi rocked on trusting and following Jesus, community living, right relationships and interaction as part of the body of Christ. Bits of their testimonies were woven in, so the students can get to know the staff better. Story is a large part of what we’re working with in this generation and both biblical and personal stories seem to get great response and discussion.


I hopefully gave them more to really consider on re. the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, sharing bits of my own testimony re. the Spirit’s moving in my life and handouts with a huge portion of Scripture much of which we’ll go over the next couple of days. We began to discuss both gifts and fruit that the Spirit gives. Good discussion, q. and a. time.

We let them off early to pray, walk, rest, nap, and a number went off with Brian and the younger staff to play football (ready for this?:) along the beach in the lake with watermelons! HA! Good stuff. Oh, and my daughter Heidi put out empty plastic pop bottles baited for catfish and caught a whopper this afternoon after class.


I helped her but didn’t do all the cleaning, telling her from now on it’s her job when it’s her fish. She did great… and I’d have loved to catch this big ol’ fish myself ๐Ÿ™‚

I will try to get more pics up tomorrow!

Dinner soon, then some evening activities. God is present, I’m so grateful for His hand on us!!ย  -Glenn

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First Full Day @ P12 Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 21, 2009

CurtTeachingAnd full it was- the Lord moves indeed!WendiTeachingp12

Breakfast came early (late night games) but after that we all shared briefly what/how God brought us all to P12, both studentsย  and staff.

Beach Break

Beach Break

Throughout the day we had short breaks, lunch and dinner and a short Walmart run, games and hanging out in the evening, but the day was wall-to-wall with Curt, Jon, Wendi and I teaching on mapping one’s life (a timeline with hights and lows and the real you as well as where God showed up in real ways), seeking/finding God via nature, bits on interpretation and prayer methodology, community from Genesis, other biblical narratives and what various people think are the blessings and pains of close contact in community, right relationships and disfuntional families right out of the Bible, and teaching on the church and the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Let’s just say it was a very good and full day! And here are a few pics as well ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  -Glenn

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P12 Retreat- Sunday 20th Sept.

Posted by gkaiser on September 20, 2009

SUNDAY SEPT. 20, 2009

So it’s raining today, though we had a really excellent, clear night and beach bonfire time… but all seem to be doing well and having fun on top of it.

It’s an easier day, tomorrow the classes kick in and the real focus and work schedule stacks up a fair bit.

Had a good breakfast and great worship/church service time this a.m.. I spoke on Matthew chapter 20, the parable of the vineyard. The accents were on the fact that the entire world is God’s vineyard, that He is the Master, we are called to follow His lead to love, serve and work. Those called at the 11th hour stood idle in the marketplace not having had been hired- and the Lord called them. In the end, it seemed to some who had agreed to so much per day’s pay judged those who had worked far less. The Master out of love, gave the same amount of pay to each person, who had agreed to work for the offered wage.

Point here: it’s always easy to judge others who seem to be getting blessed with more than we are getting, or who in any case seem to have what we don’t have, or get a lighter load than we do. Staff or students in Project 12, JPUSA, -any- church or ministry, housechurch or what-have-you, in fact any subculture might and often does judge and take offense when it seems someone else is carrying less a load than you or I. Then again, there are times we are the slackers and need to grow. Project 12 in part, is about learning to truly love and forgive, to be hardcore honest about our own immaturity and need for spiritual growth.

All of us need the love, patience and kindness of Jesus. I told the folks this would be the best or worst year of their lives (either way depending on the moment!) and that God had indeed called us all to love Him more, serve Him more, and not be nominal Christians who are simply saved and never come to learn simple biblical discipleship and application of the Word in all our daily relationships.

The canoe went out, some folks caught some fish and other went for a walk or sat with coffee and chatted. This afternoon we’ll have an intro. to P12 from a few staff, then rest/play/explore time, then dinner and another gathering tonight.

It’s a huge group, about 28 or so this year- so thanks for the prayers as it’s our largest Project 12 group ever. I’ll try to post pics tonight… right now it’s all about rain, ha! May the Spirit do just that ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  -Glenn

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P12 2009-10 Blastoff

Posted by gkaiser on September 19, 2009

Indeed, tonight the staff and P12ers all arrived, had a great dinner, began to get to know one another a bit, and ended the day with a bit of worship and then fun songs and just hanging and chompin’ marshmellows around a campfire at the beach here at Cornerstone Farm. A good day, all are settled in the mobile homes and we’ll begin tomorrow with breakfast and a church service, later in the day a sharing of our hearts re. the What and Why of Project 12. A time of exploring and an interesting evening is also planned… heh, good stuff for all! Jesus is present and the weather is excellent. Thanks for prayers, we’ll post pictures soon. -Glenn

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P12 Staffers Concert During Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 9, 2009

Project 12 will launch our year as usual, doing about a week and a half retreat at Cornerstone Farm. One cool feature just added is that myself and my daughter Ami will get to do a show during the retreat in Macomb, the “big city” closest to Cornerstone Farm where we do our retreat. Of course all P12’ers and most of the staff will be there as well. It’s near the WIU campus, nice people and atmosphere -and the coffee and treats are good too ๐Ÿ™‚ And… did I say it’s free?! Yep. If you can, please come! Details below.ย  Hugs, -Glenn

Fri. Sept. 25 @ Cafe Aroma, Macomb, IL
Glenn Solo Blues, Ami Moss/The Unfortunate, 7-11pm
301 W University Dr. Phone: 309.837.2233
(open mic at 7, Ami and band at 8 or so, Glenn finishes the night out)

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P12 Retreat Soon!

Posted by gkaiser on September 3, 2009

So we’re nearly ready to begin another year. Trimester one begins very soon, and what we used to call Orientation is really (and more accurately called) P12 Retreat. Off to Cornerstone Farm for getting to know one another, Word, prayer, worship, fun and focus, all about two weeks from now!Cornerstone Farm, Lake Wildwood Haven

Each new year we meet more people who are seeking to grow as disciples, to learn to think more and go deeper with issues that confront them and society around them. How to best pray, study the Word of God, apply the teachings of Jesus in everyday relationships? What about injustice and actual need in our own lives, in the lives of those around us, throughout the larger world? What gifts and callings is God blessing us with- and how do we sort all this out?

As you might imagine, it’s a journey and the answers aren’t always easy but they’re often exciting in the extreme. Looking forward to another life-changing year for both staff and students, and of course, we’re ALL students ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by! -Glenn

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Summer Break- September Comes Soon!

Posted by gkaiser on July 25, 2009

So the mission trip was amazing, Cornerstone Festival ditto, and now a break for staff and students of P12. Well, not a break for most in the common use of the term…as those who follow Jesus are never totally “off” from loving Him and others in service.

The graduation after Cstone went well I’m told… I write this from Hamburg, Germany on a GKB tour making our way from Czech, through Austria, now in Germany and ending in Czech Republic again, then we fly home to Chicago, I have a couple days of pastors meetings, then Wendi and I have a 2 week vacation together- yahoo!

But as I say, a disciple of Christ is never fully offline, there are always needs in ones own life- and needs in those around us. To serve God and one another in love, really/ “getting it”- that all followers of Jesus are in fact servants, ministers, missionaries in the most true, daily sense… this ia part of Project 12’s call and mission to teach and hopefully live out by continual example.

I had to leave with the band immediately after the festival but recorded a grad. speech for the students and staff which I will post when I have time.

September comes, and mid-September means a fresh 3-trimesters of Project 12, new students (a number of apps have been processed and we have a good group of new P12ers waiting to join us then) and another year of hopefully giving much in order to “ruin” them for the world- meaning that “average” discipleship is neither our desire or aim- may God grant us depth of love and grace that we’re able to make a lasting difference in this needy world!

More later… with Love, -Glenn

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Project 12 Mission Trip in Missouri

Posted by gkaiser on May 17, 2009

After an incredibly busy- but fun and very blessed time of service in Baton Rogue, then New Orleans, we are resting and doing a bit of work at Rocks Cry Out Christian Retreat near Doniphan, Missouri.

Aaron and Angel Allen bought this huge, beautiful lodge and property from Jesus People U.S.A. (the Chicago-based ministry that built the lodge and owned the property for many years), live here, teach, mentor and share Jesus with young people in the area who are often quite beyond the “at risk” stage- that is, addictions can be the norm.

Each of the past three years the last stop on Project 12’s mission trip (the Bible/Discipleship school within JPUSA) has been at Rocks Cry Out. Then we return to Chicago to finish up our work schedule, classes and help put on the annual Cornerstone Festival prior to graduation and summer break.

The Allen’s are dear people who carry serious burdens for the younger people in the area and at the same time have blessed us with both a bit more labor as well as r. & r. after a great deal of hot and sometimes hard work in New Orleans. The beautiful lodge, pool, hot tub, worship and reflection time, quiet walks and all the pretty woods are a great way to end the trip.

Seeing the lodge that JPUSA built long ago with chainsaws and hand tools using timber from the property is in itself an object lesson for the students as to what a few committed (crazy?) Jesus freaks could design and build with not much more than the willingness and time to do so. Only God knows how many have been touched by all those efforts. God knows some of our grads will have to improvise and build in various ways in various places during their lives… so we think it’s a good lesson to learn.

I’m going to do some Bible-study and take a walk myself today. And post a few pics here in the next day or two.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your prayers!

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Project 12 Mission Trip 2009- Entry 1

Posted by gkaiser on May 14, 2009

P12 Outreach- May 2009

Had a looooonnnnggggg drive (about 22 hours I think) from Chicago to Baton Rouge. Everyone seemed rather cool for such a long tiring trip. Lots of stops for fuel, food and play along the route helped. Had a fun picnic in a town park in Illinois, lots of slides, merry-go-round and a nice pavilion where we ate lunch on a warm Spring day.

We drove through a heavy rainstorm in southern Mississippi but other than that it was a rather uneventful trip -which is nice sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

Early in the morning we arrived at New Covenant Baptist in Denham Springs, LA who as last year, really blessed us with food and accommodations. We had great fellowship with old and new friends, worked at the wonderful Streams of Life church food for the needy distribution center, I did a short music set at Walker School in nearby Walker, well received, had a great response and good chats with students and some of the staff. God is at work there!

The mid-week worship service at New Covenant was a blessing, pastoral staff very kind -and of course these southerners can really cook… we had several amazing dinners in Baton Rouge there!

We were able to also do a set with several great local artists at Community Bible Church, had an excellent turnout and response. Ami, Brach and friends (The Unfortunates) who include staff and students of Project 12 did a cool show there. I finished with a blues set and some speaking. Again, a wonderful night with a lot of great folks.

I’m writing this at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church mission house who have provided our housing as well as connections to needy folks with homes semi or totally trashed by the hurricane in New Orleans. They have long done great outreach and hosted hurricane relief groups in N.O. and directed us to solid and good labor throughout the week.

We had gotten to New Orleans very late due to the last Baton Rouge concert and the many chats with folks afterwards. Heading towards Mike & Terry Rousey’s home (good friends and directors of St. Level Ministries, also members of Redeemer Church) we drove through the French Quarter about 3 a.m.. So many sad people were out, doing the Fri. night up. As in many places lots were drunk, high, plenty of pimps, prostitutes and thrill-seekers. It reminded me of Chicago only more compressed in the Quarter. And of course many of these folks are tourists from other places.

It also reminded me of where God brought me from, that’s for sure. Loving pleasure rather than God is still the deal for so many in our culture.

A street-musician friend named ย Wil Kennedy (a singer/songwriter/guitarist) as last year set his battery-powered gear up in Jackson Square and music sets with me. He’s a seasoned street performer and knows Jesus and the Word. He’d taken a large detour on heroin a long time ago but has climbed out of addiction and is just a good bro. who I enjoy hanging with.

Had a couple good chats with people who stood or sat to listen, a few school groups who sat or stood across the street waiting to get into a museum there, and was thankful to notice a local fortune teller and a few drug dealers were essentially forced to listen to most of my gospel blues tunes ๐Ÿ™‚

Our students and staff have worked hard each day, demoing, drywalling, sanding, mudding, painting and otherwise doing carpentry and other work in homes quite messed up from Katrina. A lot of folks have never returned or are dead or gave up, but many came back and are basically trying to keep afloat in an economy and a hard situation of perhaps getting their mortgage finished up but with zero money left with which to rebuild wrecked homes. This is where wonderful folks like those at Redeemer and other churches have made a great difference by hosting mission groups.

As I write all but 3 of our group of 18 is once again working hard at two sites.

Yesterday we’d split into 3 teams, one of them who had the job of crawling under a house that had been largely destroyed, nothing now but the frame basically. A single mom and her daughter were kind and grateful for our P12’ers going under the house and clearing out all sorts of debris, tires, pipes, anything the wind and flood waters had brought to a halt under the house. I’m told the snails, other bugs and of course overall mess was quite amazing. We were blessed by her kindness as she brought them all lunch from Popeye’s Chicken.

Last night most everyone visited the Quarter, had coffee and treats there and were able to relax after yet another day of heat and hard work. I’m proud of ’em for sure- truly!

God is blessing this trip and we certainly appreciate all the prayers.

Hope you enjoy a few photos from the trip so far!

I’ll post one more time from Missouri where we will fellowship and share in a bit of work as well as outreach and fellowship with the Allen’s who run Rocks Cry Out Christian Retreat near Doniphan. They bought the old JPUSA lodge and property we had owned and worked for many years, and have graciously allowed us to stay, work and interact with them for a few days at the end of each of our P12 mission trips. They’re good folks who love the Lord and have vital ministry to many of the kids, many whom are caught in drugs and other issues locally.

So, after we’re there for a couple days I’ll post an update.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your prayers for our team, witness/example and safety.

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