Project 12

Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

P12- “The Gathering”!

Posted by gkaiser on September 25, 2010

Each new P12 year we start at Cornerstone Farm, the home of JPUSA’s Cornerstone Festival grounds. We call this event The Gathering. The core of it is a time to re-connect (for those P12’ers continuing on after the summer break) and for new students to get acquainted with staff and one another, and for about 10 intense days of learning, social interaction and getting to know one another and start the year with a bang.

There are plenty of times for various sorts of both shared and alone time worship, study and play as well.

Most days include five different classes based in Bible, relationship and community. Self-assessment, reflection and conversation are encouraged and we find, helpful for all involved, both staff and students.

This year’s Gathering has been full, as usual, the input challenging and the response very encouraging. God is up-close and personal 🙂

The weather began a bit warm, has just now turned a little colder, but mostly we have seen sun and little rain. The leaves are just beginning to change- and of course our deepest concern is that lives are changed toward Jesus and His own character and personality becoming more clear as well as evident in all of us.

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by!

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