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Graduation & Project 12 Year Update

Posted by gkaiser on July 11, 2010

We often refer to our “Project 12 year”… but it really only lasts ten months. And I think at times seems like a year in that so much happens.

Our 3rd trimester graduation just took place! More on that in a moment…

We had recently returned to Chicago after the conclusion of JPUSA’s annual Cornerstone Festival where both staff and students served in a broad list of ways throughout the Fest. We had excellent response at our Project12/Grrr Records venue (newly christened “Chelsea Cafe”) where great music by a long list of bands including yours truly, Ami Moss (P12 staff) and The Unfortunate and several other Grrr artists as well as other bands performed. The coffee was excellent and so was the service by P12ers.

Several also worked with Curt Mortimer and Jon Trott to set up and serve in our on-site bookstore (new and used) complete with tables and chairs where the Fest seminar speakers were able to interact with people who wanted to talk more after each session.

The students got to experience Cornerstone Festival from the host side as opposed to attending as many of them had prior. A lot of work but really fun and valuable in learning practical ministry each summer at Cstone Farm.

And now graduation. The P12 year allows people to join at any point but they must meet attendance requirements for three full trimesters in order to graduate. Due to this we hold graduations at the end of each trimester.

Some grads move on, some continue serving at JPUSA, continue their education or return home and/or to their home church, etc., all as God leads each student.

Staff now takes time off for vacations, then prayer and planning for the next year and opening trimester which will begin mid-September. The cycle of growth continues!

We are truly excited about God’s direction for each of the 12 grads as well as seeing His grace working in each of those who will continue as well as join in the next Project 12 term.

We praise God for His faithfulness to us all- and for your prayers and various gifts of friendship, support and encouragement!

Finally, I will post this year’s past class list as well as my comments from this evening’s event.

Besides living and serving in the Jesus People U.S.A. community in practical service, planned and spontaneous worship, prayer and mission outreach (in general as well as during our two-week mission trip which took us to eight different locations this year); fifteen instructors taught a combination of over 360 hours combined over the 3 trimesters. Here is a list of the classes by title:

Artifacts of God, Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Doing Community, My Life Map, Lectio Divina, Discipleship, How to Study The Bible, Spiritual Direction, Drama of Scripture, 21st Century Issues, Redeemed Lives, Bible Study, Anger Management, Community and Growth, JPUSA History, Ephesians, Accountability, Romans, Engagement and Marriage, Telling Yourself the Truth, Great Divorce, Mission Business, Beatitudes

We give all glory to Jesus for another year of His incredible presence and grace! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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