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Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

Rockin’ in Chicago, Last Retreat Post

Posted by gkaiser on October 5, 2009

The Retreat ended with a bang, excellent pre-Thanksgiving style dinner. Rain had been in the forecast and in that we wanted to do a bonfire on the beach the staff decided to set the tables on the beach complete with tarps over the decorated tables, candles and such. Pretty cool. And it never did rain 🙂

P12DinnerOnTheBeachAfter dinner we had a worship time, then Brian led and we celebrated the Lord’s Supper together, various P12ers shared some of their stories (testimonies) and we got to know a bit more where people had come from and the issues in their lives. A good and important time around the fire. Then to bed and Sun. morning brought a gathering to worship and listen to Wendi give the message. She shared Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness and how essential it was in her own life in order to grow as a disciple. Really powerful word.WendiPreachesSun

Then we began the work of cleaning, packing and loading in order to head back to Chicago.

All pitched in very well, no engine troubles or flat tires, a windy but good trip and unload into dorms and rooms back home. A fair number of staff stayed back at Cornerstone Farm to finish cleaning and packing, and I drove back with a van and trailer to pick them up and bring all home the next day.

So here we are, daily work schedule, classes and fellowship are in full swing back at JPUSA.

It has already been an amazing journey and we’ve only just begun!

Thanks so very much for your prayers and for stopping by to have a look at the grace of God in action at Project 12!P12BeachCampfire

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