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What a Sweet Night- P12 @ Cafe Aroma!

Posted by gkaiser on September 26, 2009

So Ami, Brach and Joby (The Unfortunate) had a great set, but many P12 students and several staff brought songs or poetry to the open Mic time prior to Ami’s band and my acoustic blues set tonight in Macomb, Illinois’ Cafe Aroma. It was a blast on all levels. And we even get to sleep in a little tomorrow… a picnic happens after classes tamarra too… good stuff.

But I digress.

The Unfortunate

It was a great night, and we have enough pics I think I’ll post them in my Facebook page, but I’ll put several here for your perusal.

Chris Brings ItBrian With Poems

The opening band and several solo and duo artists were just sweet, good music, very kind people and a pleasure to hear- the coffee and snacks and AC staff just excellent!

I guess for me (what would you expect?) my daughter Ami and band were amazing, my son-in-law Brian (who said he hadn’t read poetry in public for like, 14 years) amazing! Just a treat. Curt as usual brought several deep and excellent poems, and as I said, the P12ers as well as first band up (whew!) and several other open mic people were very, very good.

So I guess I’ll add some pics and hit the hay myself… just buzzing from an excellent night so thought I’d share it with you here.  -Glenn

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