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Sept. 24 & 25 @ P12 Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 25, 2009

Things got so busy (in a very good and productive sense) yesterday I just didn’t post… and we are moving through today so here goes an update:

Yesterday- the same teachers spoke, students interacted more and a really good day was had by all, the usual breaks for all, fun evening activities and good fellowship.,

Today we end the day with Ami’s band The Unfortunate and myself doing sets at Cafe Aroma in nearby Macomb, IL where coffee and treats and music will be had 🙂

Classes today are as the past days, Curt’s morning devo (Lexio Divina) Wendi focused on honesty, personal integrity and use of individual time exercises, and what each one might do to bring small changes for the better/more biblical in each of these areas. She spoke on the difference between “official truth” and “ground truth”, and asked students to do a scan of their lives where what they say they believe conflicts with their actual actions, and what they are prepared to do for godly changes to begin to take place. She finished with teaching on what true love looks like, vs. infatuation and/or mere sexual attraction with clues to help a person recognize the difference.

Curt’s key teaching time after Wendi, involved discussion of many words used to define life in the world and where sometimes the Christian thinking and scientific version of “truth”, explaining differences such as in physics and metaphysics, offered time for students to think, study and put a short paper together for tomorrow’s class using some of the key words and how they might apply to them in their faith.

Jon Trott continues JPUSA history and “community” unpacking good, bad, ugly and wonderful realities past and present offering perspectives on why and who we are and how we’ve come to where we are now in our particular journey as the JPUSA and P12 experience. As yesterday, I’ll teach more on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. Yesterday we discussed the fruit He grows in each of us and how/methods such fruit grows, also listing spiritual gifts as listed in the New Testament. Today I’ll explain a bit more on the gifts, the practical outworking of them. I also covered issues (yesterday) re. how a person may be gifted and truly used of God while in character and fruit be fully blowing it… and the essential need for accountability in terms of gifts and the use of them.

Tonight we hit the Cafe for ministry and some relax too 🙂 Rained last night but sunny yet nicely cool now. Thanks for your prayers and stopping by! -Glenn

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