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Sept. 23, ’09 Retreat Report

Posted by gkaiser on September 23, 2009

Another amazing day… and lots of grace.

Well, perhaps we should begin with last night. After dinner a lot of fun, a trip to Dairy Queen, and some good honest discussion brought a phone call to me from staff saying students wanted to gather for impromptu prayer meeting due to spiritual oppression some had been feeling, night terrors, just a bit of attack that needed some prayer.

We began with an invitation to confess sin, to repent of any door left open from the recent past. A number of people shared, prayed and there was good honest linking to the Lord going on. Then I shared Lk. 10.19, Jude 9b and a few other verses as well as my own experiences as a new Christian right out of the world, sin and no real discipline of my mind and choices. Some of our people come from such, others not so much, but in any case it was a very good moment.

Different ones shared, I sensed the Spirit telling me to check the Daily Office Compline from a Celtic Christian site, and of course yesterday’s prayer was laced with Scripture on God’s protection from the enemy at night, in the day and the fact God is our strength and stronghold! Ha… just like the Lord to do that for us all on the night 🙂

Ami called us to worship and all stuck around to sing, pray and just worship the Lord for a good while, and the old guy (me) excused myself for sleep… ain’t as young as I once was!

So… today: a great day, same teachers, Wendi focused on “What is Love” from a biblical and day-to-day perspective, Curt who brought us to praying through the Word of God via Lexio Devina, Jon with more exciting (and humbling) general Jesus People movement and specific JPUSA History as relates to community living and how we got where we are now, and myself with a ton of Scripture on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. There was good discussion in and after each class.

Jon Teaches on Community

Jon Teaches on Community

Then after a break I gave a short session on creativity and imagination, quoting Pascal, M. L. King Jr. and Emerson. Good give-and-take discussion and an excellent dinner followed. As I type students and most of the staff are having a fun evening. It may rain again, but right now it’s just nice, little bit of a breeze and I’m hearing a lot of laughter around the grounds- a blessed thing!

Rest on the Dock

Thanks for your prayers and stopping by!  -Glenn

One Response to “Sept. 23, ’09 Retreat Report”

  1. Henry Ham said

    Glenn, sounds like a great start. I was wondering if you could give me the “Daily Office Compline from a Celtic Christian site” that you made mention of. I have enjoyed “Celtic Christianity” book and would be interesting in more.

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