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Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

A Great Day @ P12 Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 22, 2009

Rained early this a.m. but the day was mostly overcast, yet cool, bit of wind, sometimes sun so in a word, pleasant. Curt, Jon and my Wendi rocked on trusting and following Jesus, community living, right relationships and interaction as part of the body of Christ. Bits of their testimonies were woven in, so the students can get to know the staff better. Story is a large part of what we’re working with in this generation and both biblical and personal stories seem to get great response and discussion.


I hopefully gave them more to really consider on re. the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, sharing bits of my own testimony re. the Spirit’s moving in my life and handouts with a huge portion of Scripture much of which we’ll go over the next couple of days. We began to discuss both gifts and fruit that the Spirit gives. Good discussion, q. and a. time.

We let them off early to pray, walk, rest, nap, and a number went off with Brian and the younger staff to play football (ready for this?:) along the beach in the lake with watermelons! HA! Good stuff. Oh, and my daughter Heidi put out empty plastic pop bottles baited for catfish and caught a whopper this afternoon after class.


I helped her but didn’t do all the cleaning, telling her from now on it’s her job when it’s her fish. She did great… and I’d have loved to catch this big ol’ fish myself 🙂

I will try to get more pics up tomorrow!

Dinner soon, then some evening activities. God is present, I’m so grateful for His hand on us!!  -Glenn

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