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P12 Retreat- Sunday 20th Sept.

Posted by gkaiser on September 20, 2009

SUNDAY SEPT. 20, 2009

So it’s raining today, though we had a really excellent, clear night and beach bonfire time… but all seem to be doing well and having fun on top of it.

It’s an easier day, tomorrow the classes kick in and the real focus and work schedule stacks up a fair bit.

Had a good breakfast and great worship/church service time this a.m.. I spoke on Matthew chapter 20, the parable of the vineyard. The accents were on the fact that the entire world is God’s vineyard, that He is the Master, we are called to follow His lead to love, serve and work. Those called at the 11th hour stood idle in the marketplace not having had been hired- and the Lord called them. In the end, it seemed to some who had agreed to so much per day’s pay judged those who had worked far less. The Master out of love, gave the same amount of pay to each person, who had agreed to work for the offered wage.

Point here: it’s always easy to judge others who seem to be getting blessed with more than we are getting, or who in any case seem to have what we don’t have, or get a lighter load than we do. Staff or students in Project 12, JPUSA, -any- church or ministry, housechurch or what-have-you, in fact any subculture might and often does judge and take offense when it seems someone else is carrying less a load than you or I. Then again, there are times we are the slackers and need to grow. Project 12 in part, is about learning to truly love and forgive, to be hardcore honest about our own immaturity and need for spiritual growth.

All of us need the love, patience and kindness of Jesus. I told the folks this would be the best or worst year of their lives (either way depending on the moment!) and that God had indeed called us all to love Him more, serve Him more, and not be nominal Christians who are simply saved and never come to learn simple biblical discipleship and application of the Word in all our daily relationships.

The canoe went out, some folks caught some fish and other went for a walk or sat with coffee and chatted. This afternoon we’ll have an intro. to P12 from a few staff, then rest/play/explore time, then dinner and another gathering tonight.

It’s a huge group, about 28 or so this year- so thanks for the prayers as it’s our largest Project 12 group ever. I’ll try to post pics tonight… right now it’s all about rain, ha! May the Spirit do just that 🙂   -Glenn

One Response to “P12 Retreat- Sunday 20th Sept.”

  1. Roly Chacon said

    Wow! Thanks brother for the play by play. I miss my Kaylynn so much, but I know she’s in good hands. Glenn, I really appreciate your words on the days happenings.
    Thanks again.

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