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P12 Staffers Concert During Retreat

Posted by gkaiser on September 9, 2009

Project 12 will launch our year as usual, doing about a week and a half retreat at Cornerstone Farm. One cool feature just added is that myself and my daughter Ami will get to do a show during the retreat in Macomb, the “big city” closest to Cornerstone Farm where we do our retreat. Of course all P12’ers and most of the staff will be there as well. It’s near the WIU campus, nice people and atmosphere -and the coffee and treats are good too 🙂 And… did I say it’s free?! Yep. If you can, please come! Details below.  Hugs, -Glenn

Fri. Sept. 25 @ Cafe Aroma, Macomb, IL
Glenn Solo Blues, Ami Moss/The Unfortunate, 7-11pm
301 W University Dr. Phone: 309.837.2233
(open mic at 7, Ami and band at 8 or so, Glenn finishes the night out)


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