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Summer Break- September Comes Soon!

Posted by gkaiser on July 25, 2009

So the mission trip was amazing, Cornerstone Festival ditto, and now a break for staff and students of P12. Well, not a break for most in the common use of the term…as those who follow Jesus are never totally “off” from loving Him and others in service.

The graduation after Cstone went well I’m told… I write this from Hamburg, Germany on a GKB tour making our way from Czech, through Austria, now in Germany and ending in Czech Republic again, then we fly home to Chicago, I have a couple days of pastors meetings, then Wendi and I have a 2 week vacation together- yahoo!

But as I say, a disciple of Christ is never fully offline, there are always needs in ones own life- and needs in those around us. To serve God and one another in love, really/ “getting it”- that all followers of Jesus are in fact servants, ministers, missionaries in the most true, daily sense… this ia part of Project 12’s call and mission to teach and hopefully live out by continual example.

I had to leave with the band immediately after the festival but recorded a grad. speech for the students and staff which I will post when I have time.

September comes, and mid-September means a fresh 3-trimesters of Project 12, new students (a number of apps have been processed and we have a good group of new P12ers waiting to join us then) and another year of hopefully giving much in order to “ruin” them for the world- meaning that “average” discipleship is neither our desire or aim- may God grant us depth of love and grace that we’re able to make a lasting difference in this needy world!

More later… with Love, -Glenn


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