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Good Friday/Easter!

Posted by gkaiser on April 10, 2009

At JPUSA, P12’ers along with our entire intentional community are working, creating, lots of art and prayer, a lot of fun, concerts, guest speaker and more… the little kids have special stuff happening and the entire weekend is focused on Jesus, His passion, His resurrection and a great deal of food, fun and fellowship with amazing in-house celebrations. We call it “Fest For Us” cuz Cornerstone is one of many things we do for all beyond our ministry in Chicago. But here’s a blog I wrote today that I hope you will find edifying.

What a day. What a sad, tragic but wonderful day. For Jesus to know me as I am and still love me, sacrifice Himself for me is just plain amazing.

And thank God it didn’t remain Friday but finally Sunday came around!

We know a number of things from the scriptural account of Jesus’ death and resurrection- two of them are that the sky was pitch-black dark and in full storm mode at high noon as He hung on the cross and died… and that He rose “on the first day of the week at the rising
of the sun”.

Darkness swallowed by light. YES! Hallelulia! Hosanna! Deo Gloria forever!!

Happy Easter to all!


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