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Project 12 (Web… & Glenn & Wendi) Update

Posted by gkaiser on August 26, 2008

Greetings šŸ™‚

Another year of P12 is nearly underway. By now you’ll have noticed the good work of Jon Trott on our site. Please look around as there is fresh (and more) detailed info. on Project 12 than ever- click away!

The staff is meeting, praying, discussing and tweaking, going over applications and readying for Orientation in mid-September as we kick off the ’08-’09 Trimesters.

I suppose many of you are (like Wendi and I) finishing up vacations and getting set to launch into autumn work, school and so on.

Some are preparing to join P12 in an adventure of community-based discipleship, study and practical work all laced together in Christ-focused relationships. Cool!

Please note that the host computer service company (off-site) is having serious issues with their servers. P12 isn’t affected as it’s hosted elsewhere- but,,, and many more of our main sites are currently down. Arrrgh! They’ll eventually fix what ails us but meanwhile those sites are not reachable. Please pray for ’em- and us and those trying to reach us via these means.

You can always email me directly at

AND- Wendi and I are constructing personal websites for each of us, hers centering around love, sex and relationships, mine on all the things I care deeply about… which is lots (!). I’ve been wanting to put up a couple sites like this for a long time, not as much eye-candy but quick loading, easy for me to admin. and add content to from where ever I am- and fewer worries about server issues such as the one I mentioned here.

As soon as either of these new blog/webpages are ready for viewing I’ll post the addresses here.

Thanks for your prayers, interest in P12 and here’s to the Lord moving more in and through all of us this upcoming year!

Love and Hugs,


One Response to “Project 12 (Web… & Glenn & Wendi) Update”

  1. Morria said

    I am looking forward to an exciting year at project 12!

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