Project 12

Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

Annnnnnd We’re Off!

Posted by gkaiser on January 14, 2008

Well… I trust not “off” in terms of theology or doctrine… but like the horses we’re movin’! In fact the daily P12 schedule is quite packed, but we try to pace ourselves so as to get as much done as possible. There are of course, breaks and times of rest scheduled along with work, classes and worship.

We’re indeed off and running in this fresh year.

P12 took the past weekend to do an abbreviated orientation for our newest members who are beginning their first trimester. Various classes, meals, worship times and intro. chats ending with communion last night were in session. It was cool hearing parts of some of the individual stories… God has brought many of us through a -lot-!

Curt has brought so much to the oversight, teaching and planning areas. Jon has done “Uncommon Wisdom”, I just finished most of “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit”, Tom has begun “Accountability”, Neil “Community and Growth” and Wendi is rocking with “Romans”. Pete, Chris, John and others have brought great teaching to the group. As I type Tina is leading tonight’s Vespers. At week’s end many of the students will accompany us to an outreach concert with Glenn Kaiser Band in the Chicago suburbs. There are plans in the works for P12 to produce some coffeehouse ministry of it’s own… more on that as plans are finalized.

Staff are working towards placing audio and even video pod/vodcasts online and when we get it together, we’ll post how you can have a listen and look. We -may- even do some live webcasting of various classes and/or Project 12 events at some point in the future. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when we do 🙂

Thanks to all who stop by here, and especially for your prayers, kind comments and interest in Project 12.


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