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The Worship of Jesus @ Christmas… and the Rest of the Year!

Posted by gkaiser on December 20, 2007

(Glenn’s personal “book of the year”!)

[Note: nobody put me up to this, it’s not an infomercial and I get nothing from it- I simply love the book and it’s help in my own connectedness with God]

Many of you know I’ve long been captivated by Celtic worship. There are many forms/ways/approaches/worship styles that some will love and others find uninspiring when it comes to seeking and arriving at transcendence and intimate fellowship with the Lord. There are of course various approaches even within those ways/forms associated with Celtic Christian worship.

The past couple years I’ve often turned to a book by Ray Simpson called “Celtic Worship Through the Year” and been superbly blessed. So I pass this bit of info. on to you who may wish to give it a go. Just searching I found the following:


Merry CHRISTmas and BLESSED Worship of the Christ-child!


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