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Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

P12: Christmas ’07

Posted by gkaiser on December 11, 2007

At least once per trimester several P12 staff meet with students inviting their thoughts, impressions, critiques and positive suggestions with regard to all things Project 12.

Yesterday was the first gathering of this sort for the P12 year and it was excellent! As usual, I brought written questions and collected written answers on several key points, all meant to stir thought and response on all aspects of what we’re doing/not doing/perhaps should be doing in terms of discipleship, worship, life and community.

Curt handed out self-evaluation papers for the students to take their own “spiritual temperature” in terms of person-to-person relationships -not for staff review but simply for the student’s own consideration and growth.

After this, four of us “staffers” listened, interacted some but for the most part just took notes and were truly blessed with a great time of input from the students. There were a number of fresh ideas and fodder to help P12 become even more relevant and edifying to all attending.

We are about to graduate several people who have now completed their 3rd trimester. These folks also received a transition paper thanking them for their participation but also encouraging them to pray, seek counsel from trusted leadership here, in their church back home if they have one, from parents, trusted friends and of course via the Word of God so that they would be better prepared to follow His call where ever and however that might be at this juncture of their lives.

These graduations are always bittersweet in that we’ve come to know a great deal about one another and grown to love and even like one another 🙂 We recognize such growth… then of course parting with friends can be sad. Some seek membership in the JPUSA community. In all cases, the beauty of God’s love and work manifested in human lives, to witness vital spiritual maturity and the deepening commitment to Jesus, His Word and the body of Christ in the world is such a gift to all of us!

Now comes Christmas. It’s a break for continuing students, some who visit their families, some who stay at JPUSA over the holidays. It’s such a time of focus on the initial coming of the Lord Jesus Who makes all things new, comforts, heals, disciples and moves in and among us. It’s a time for family, worship and thankfulness, gifts and fun fellowship.

But no matter where we are in earth or heaven, no matter what part of His Church we’re linked with we can indeed witness shared values, mission, witness and of course as brothers and sisters in Christ- we share a family which has no end!

Merry CHRISTmas from all of us at Project 12, Chicago!


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