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Project 12 Orientation ’07 Notes

Posted by gkaiser on September 25, 2007

P12 Orientation- After Water BaptismsJust home from P12 Orientation week which took place at Cornerstone Farm!

It was truly deep and blessed on all levels. Great weather, fellowship, fun, rocking teaching and best of all (in my view) very honest and open responses- even to the most challenging teachings and circumstances. All of us- staff included- got our “boats rocked”.

What I want to share in this blog is simply that such honesty and open-heartedness to God and one another is a huge part of what makes any spiritual “boat” sail straight.

On the last night we did a bonfire, celebrated the Lord’s Supper and had a deep time of worship, soul-searching and commitment time together. People were instructed to take a handful of sand from the beach, walk off a bit and pray about their over-all willingness to truly surrender themselves to Jesus -or- to surrender a specific thing in their life that they know would shut God out and keep them from spiritual growth in this P12 year. They could either lose the sand in the beach and return to the fire for a final song and prayer, or throw the sand in the fire symbolic of giving themselves fully to the Lord.

This was something I heard about while in Costa Rica years ago regarding a Nicaraguan leader who challenged young people he was discipling- just before the war broke out. It was serious and essential they know who they were willing to live and die for! Will our house be built on rock or sand?

Earlier that evening and after all returned to the bonfire I told them that one of the greatest blessings of the week was that we on staff rarely felt like we had to “drag them up the hill”, that we were blessed at their open hearts and willingness to really dig into God’s Word, share personal
stories of hurt, need and desire to become more like Jesus and so on.

I shared with them something many believers don’t think much about regarding their leaders, teachers, staff people and such: leaders rarely fret about putting a weak person on their back or taking a wounded lamb in their arms to carry them. Such a “load” isn’t much of an issue for leadership. The difficulty is when one seemingly has to coax and beg and plead before a person will “show up”, reach up (to God) and somehow actually seek the Lord with a genuine heart. That can really be painful and distressing for leaders. So I thanked them for making our job a blessing and a real pleasure to us all week long.

This is going to be a very good year…P12 Orientation- Prayer Time


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