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Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

Summer Turns to Autumn… And Good Fruit!

Posted by gkaiser on August 1, 2007

Change. It’s a wonderful and scary thing! It’s an exciting thing too, if you’re me 🙂

I somewhat consider myself an old coot these days, though playing in a rocking band and though often surrounded by much younger people than myself- though not exclusively so. If I rarely hung out with people only as mature as myself I wouldn’t grow much either.

Age of course doesn’t assure maturity. That comes from God, seeking Him with a whole and single heart, and linking with His people, especially with those who you might be a bit intimidated by at times. Just cuz they’re older, they’ve experienced more of life and if following Him, Jesus. They can be really helpful in sorting out your thoughts and choices.

We have a great mix of younger and older people at JPUSA, and most are anything but culturally conservative so things like music and fashion aren’t much an issue. Spiritual growth is of course a huge part of what P12 is all about, so we are doing all we can to help encourage that in all who attend. It’s no surprise that staff are as moved by the Spirit as all others involved are, all of us get to grow together- and this is what makes the journey special, at times stretching but not dull, that’s for sure!

As I type staff are going through a load of applications, we’ve approved many and others are about to be approved as it seems, so it looks like another action-packed year. We’ve some new applicants joining us in the first trimester (mid-Sept.) from Europe also, and that’s a great thing. JPUSA itself has a lot of members from all over the world so it’s fun to see the growth and interaction that happens in such relationships.

Chicago and much of the mid-west is hot right now, but I think the Holy Spirit will once again bless, sometimes cranking up the “heat” in our daily life together, and the discovery of our Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as continued growth as biblical disciples and actual workers in this part of God’s kingdom will serve as always- to work more of His character, desire and passion in our lives.

And so soon we begin another year of “ruining people for the world”! We admit we’re here to wreak havoc on the status-quo, the dull and surface “life” that so often clings to us and chokes out the passion, fire and loving service God calls ALL followers of Christ to. As and if He leads, join us!

With prayer and excitement for the new Project 12 season, -Glenn and Staff


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