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Iceland, Bushnell, Illinois and Graduation!

Posted by gkaiser on June 4, 2007

So what is the Project 12 Director doing all the way over in Iceland? Doing exactly what the P12 students have been hearing about off and on all year- the will of God for my life. Sharing Jesus, keeping the focus on Him in my daily prayer, Bible study, sharing the Good News, hopefully with kindness, yet directness and love for both God and the one/ones hearing me at each moment.

After this tour (we will be home tonight) we have only a short time left before heading out to Cornerstone Farm to do the work of setting up the Fest grounds, the Project12/Grrr Records tent and ready ourselves and the place for Cornerstone Festival 2007. What a year it has been! And now, serving as well as enjoying the Festival, we head to the end of the P12 term for several of our people. They have grown in understanding and in relationship to Jesus as well as interpersonal relationships with others- this I can see clearly in their lives. But after the Fest, we tear things down, clean up, rest a bit, head back to Chicago for graduation… and then what?

Some of our people will take a 2 month break, some staying to serve at JPUSA in that time frame. Others will visit home or do other things for a bit, and then comes the autumn term in mid-September with new faces as well as old. Depending on the person it will be their first, second or final trimester term in P12.

But what of this year’s grads?

My deepest prayer, desire and wish for them- and here I will be bold to say- is that they will have more of Jesus’ heart than ever to DO the work of ministry for widows, orphans, and to keep themselves “unspotted from the world”. To SERVE GOD AND OTHERS IN CHRIST’S LOVE… and not live status-quo lives, not even status-quo Christianity!

I am convinced God doesn’t want us to merely rock the boat- He calls us to walk on water with Him! To love and obey Him as ministers, discipling others and truly being missionaries -where ever- He calls us in this world, that is THE deal!

I truly hope we have ruined them for the world, whether they return to serve in home churches, traditional or contemporary churches, take time in another school or discipleship program or simply work in a 9-5 job. The point is that they serve God and others in Jesus’ love, with Jesus eyes and ears more their own. There is so much self-centered living, so many who just aimlessly drift, yes, even among young people in the church. God help us. And indeed He has!!

What a year this has been. What a time of growing for all of us, staff and students alike. I’m exited to see the graduates and to see all God does in their lives this next year, wherever they may be sent by the Spirit of God, in using their gifts in service to Jesus Christ and a world in deep need.

Thanks to all who pray for staff and Project 12 participants! We have had an incredible year indeed!


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