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Project 12 ’07 Outreach/Tour- General Report and Thanks!

Posted by gkaiser on March 25, 2007

What an intense and wonderful trip we’ve had-

At Hebron Center with folks in rehab near Bloomington, Indiana; Trinity Church (Covington) and Castle Rock Church (New Orleans) in Louisiana doing follow-up, clearing of debris, evangelism and praying with people directly affected by hurricane Katrina; visiting the old Jesus People Farm (now The Rocks Cry Out Christian Retreat) near Doniphan, Missouri and nearby Pilgrim’s Rest Church in Fairdealing, Mo..

The beauty of this trip was of course, Jesus being so present in all places. Then there was the gift of bonding of the 15 people on the team, great interaction of leaders, meeting old and making new friends, our Project 12 Worship Team leading worship, myself getting to do concerts and all of our sharing with pre-believers as well as fellow Christ-followers in each place. It was a blast!

There are so many to thank that we must apologize for not listing them all, but in Indiana, Allan Bobbett, Dennis, Burt and -all- at Hebron! Thanks for the opportunity to make friends and pray with so many people seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus, breaking the bondages of addiction as they learn loving obedience to Him. We miss you.
We thank our dear friends (and former JPUSA members) Frank and Lauri Fasullo who along with our new (and kind) friend Jack, housed us in Baton Rogue on the way to Covington and N.O.. Jack worked alongside us for two days there and we already miss the Fasullo family and Jack!

Kudos and hugs to Wayne Rogers, both Marys, Joe and so many more at Trinity Church- what a great interaction and encouragement to the P12 team to see the huge work of restoration- both practical and spiritual- that you’ve undertaken all over your part of Louisiana. Ya’ll have inspired us so much!

BLESSINGS on our friends at Pilgrim’s Rest and The Rocks Cry Out Retreat- Alan and Angel Allen are gems, treated us like family and welcomed us with real affection. To be able to see what you’ve done (and are doing) with the lodge and property JPUSA built and used for so many years is such a blessing to us! The family of God truly is a family, that’s clear.

We thank all the JPUSA and P12 family who were back in Chicago praying for us, ditto the families of several P12 students. We’re certain your prayers sustained us on this couple-thousand mile journey.

For me, it was just awesome seeing the joy, team-work, multi-faceted witness and plain old camaraderie between the team. They worked very hard and kept quite “in the Spirit” over some tough and long drives, work periods often with little sleep. From the comments our leaders have heard, God did and continues to provide lessons of discipleship via these experiences.

A principal concern of mine for the trip was to give them truly varied ministry and church experience and exposure- rehab work in (and Clove and crew’s painting of a very cool wall mural) in Indiana, working alongside many hundreds of Christians doing spring break in practical as well as direct verbal ministry re. Katrina in Louisiana, interaction with a rural church and just down-home good Christian people as well as outreach to local kids in Missouri. This and more took place -in spades!

What a God we serve! What a team I’m blessed to serve with!

We’ll post pics here via my account. Enjoy 🙂


2 Responses to “Project 12 ’07 Outreach/Tour- General Report and Thanks!”

  1. Andrew Smith said

    Project 12 was a blessing to us here at Hebron. They definitely came to serve and I know that all were ministered to during the visit – hope they can come again. I have a request and I didn’t exactly know who to contact. My future father in law happened to be here that weekend and he runs a men’s group in Kansas. A video of testimonies was shown in Sunday service and he and I would love to have it. If anyone can help, please let me know. In Christ, Andy

  2. Angel Allen said

    Project 12 was amazing! We were blessed to have them at the Rocks Cry Out Christian Retreat and at our church, Pilgram’s Rest. Thank you so much for your heart for people and the love you show to others every day. We miss you all and would love to see you again! Love, Angel

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