Project 12

Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century


Posted by justthischris on March 14, 2007

March 16-27 Project 12’s Outreach Team will be serving at a
ministry/discipleship camp for recovering addicts near Bloomington,
Indiana including practical work/painting, interaction with the guys and their wives, girlfriends and camp staff, helping setup and cleanup at a wedding, doing the entire church service Sunday, visiting/interacting with a local Christian “at-risk and recovery” group one evening, sharing our classes and worship times with those
at the camp and visiting a local coffeehouse.

We then move on to Baton Rouge, Louisiana staying with the
Fasullo’s (friendly former JPUSAs) working several days with other believers
who are using Spring Break to help clear and clean up hurricane
wrecked areas around Slidell and Covington, Louisiana just above
New Orleans. There as in Indiana we’ll be sharing Jesus, music and
witness with those we meet.

We’ll have daily devos, prayer, worship and a class as well as a
little free time… so lots of work but also fun… maybe even eat
a lil’ alligator 🙂

We truly appreciate all your prayers!!

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