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Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

P12- Partial 2007 Course Listing

Posted by gkaiser on February 6, 2007

While Project 12 is by nature relational at it’s core due to it’s roots in the JPUSA intentional Christian community, there are a load of classes in P12 that key on biblical and life-experience teaching which we believe help prepare people for a life of loving, Christ-centred mission to our world regardless where P12 people serve.

There is “lecture” style teaching involved, but we stress that our class presenters use various methods of teaching that accent open discussion and involvement- and so far have been really blessed with a lot of it 🙂

A partial list of classes presented during the Project 12 year include:

Christian Issues For The 21st Century
Romans 1 & 2 (Basic Doctrines)
Old Testament Studies
How to Study the Bible
Community & Growth
Women in the Bible
JPUSA History
Alive Again
C.S. Lewis Book Studies
Discipleship Essentials
Finding Spiritual Relevance Through Media
Christianity & The Arts
Nature of God: Holy Spirit
Mission Business

Let me offer a bit more detail on just one of the above classes, Christian Issues For The 21st Century. There are 3 teachers who at times teach individually but more often teach together and encourage a lot of discussion for each class. The first classes offered varied methods of how to glean truth as opposed to mere perspective from various sides of a “hot topic”. Tools for thinking “Christianly” were shared and discussed.

For each class, biblical texts, scenarios, statistics and other material outlining both or many sides of an issue is brought to light. Discussion follows. Truth, perspective and their impact on each other are examined. People who have been directly involved in the topics discussed are often interviewed in class to move us beyond mere theory.

Topics presented include:

Abortion, Racism, Theodicy (why does God allow evil?), Environment, Sexuality, War, Politics, Poverty, Immigration, Outsourcing… and more.


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