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five acceptable heresies

Posted by justthischris on February 1, 2007

Five Acceptable Heresies* Infecting Evangelicals and Pentecostals today

  1. Sin is the cause of illness and poverty. It is never God’s will that Christians ever be poor. Furthermore, Christians should embody the latest and finest the world has to offer because they represent the Good King who always blesses His Children.
  2. Nations are endowed by God with the unquestionable right to exact authority over persons. This right is likened to God’s salvation power. The State’s power is more important than the church’s power as it regards human civil freedom.
  3. Christians should embody the ideal Nationalist citizen. When an Evangelical leads the government, Christians have a unique opportunity and responsibility to spread Christianity.
  4. Christians should be pioneers in using every available new means of technology for the dissemination of their way of being Christian. There need be no consensus on what a Christian is, the Bible speaks for itself. There need be no question of whether the technique itself raises new issues for living. Use it and God will take care of the rest.
  5. As long as Wars are fought in behalf of a nation, the Christians in that nation should be important arbiters of the goodness of that War. Their theology of war should center on the Sovereign State’s authority and on assurance from that State that it has exhausted every other available means.

*By “acceptable” heresies I mean, for the most part, practical heresy. These are meant to illustrate how our talk of Jesus doesn’t match our practice of His Kingdom ways.

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