Project 12

Discovering Discipleship in the 21st Century

Here and There

Posted by curtmort on January 24, 2007


 I wanted to share a poem that goes with Jon’s Intellectual. . . Prophet entry.

Shepherd of sheep are you there?
I know how lambish I can be,
For though you’re there,
I want you here, cause here
Seems safer, somehow closer.
Lions prowl and roar
Seeking whom they may devour
And I am just a fearful little lamb inside,
I have seen a pride of lions
In the city streets, asking where I am
Which tower am I  hiding in,
With power to devour all flesh
They’re near and here
And yes, You are  there, I know.
The man upstairs for prayers.
Come here, dear Lord
Shepherd of the lost sheep
Come near and I’ll be found.

  Curt Mortimer

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