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P12- “The Gathering”!

Posted by gkaiser on September 25, 2010

Each new P12 year we start at Cornerstone Farm, the home of JPUSA’s Cornerstone Festival grounds. We call this event The Gathering. The core of it is a time to re-connect (for those P12’ers continuing on after the summer break) and for new students to get acquainted with staff and one another, and for about 10 intense days of learning, social interaction and getting to know one another and start the year with a bang.

There are plenty of times for various sorts of both shared and alone time worship, study and play as well.

Most days include five different classes based in Bible, relationship and community. Self-assessment, reflection and conversation are encouraged and we find, helpful for all involved, both staff and students.

This year’s Gathering has been full, as usual, the input challenging and the response very encouraging. God is up-close and personal 🙂

The weather began a bit warm, has just now turned a little colder, but mostly we have seen sun and little rain. The leaves are just beginning to change- and of course our deepest concern is that lives are changed toward Jesus and His own character and personality becoming more clear as well as evident in all of us.

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by!

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New P12 Year To Begin

Posted by gkaiser on August 20, 2010

So the staff is now in the prayer, communication and planning phase for the new Project 12 year.

Our schedule is based on a trimester system and you can find plenty of info. with regard to what we teach, requirements and such elsewhere here.

Our new year kicks off with The Gathering, a welcome-back and opening session sort of intensive which takes place at Cornerstone Farm in rural Illinois over a ten day period of prayer, worship, teaching, bonfires, shared meals, fun and free times in a beautiful outdoor setting with a lake, ponds and a lot of land for exploring.

At present it looks like we will begin the 2010-2011 year with appx. 22 students. Relationships, Bible, Discipleship and Community are as always, our focus and core emphasis.

Thanks for your prayers and stopping by!


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Graduation & Project 12 Year Update

Posted by gkaiser on July 11, 2010

We often refer to our “Project 12 year”… but it really only lasts ten months. And I think at times seems like a year in that so much happens.

Our 3rd trimester graduation just took place! More on that in a moment…

We had recently returned to Chicago after the conclusion of JPUSA’s annual Cornerstone Festival where both staff and students served in a broad list of ways throughout the Fest. We had excellent response at our Project12/Grrr Records venue (newly christened “Chelsea Cafe”) where great music by a long list of bands including yours truly, Ami Moss (P12 staff) and The Unfortunate and several other Grrr artists as well as other bands performed. The coffee was excellent and so was the service by P12ers.

Several also worked with Curt Mortimer and Jon Trott to set up and serve in our on-site bookstore (new and used) complete with tables and chairs where the Fest seminar speakers were able to interact with people who wanted to talk more after each session.

The students got to experience Cornerstone Festival from the host side as opposed to attending as many of them had prior. A lot of work but really fun and valuable in learning practical ministry each summer at Cstone Farm.

And now graduation. The P12 year allows people to join at any point but they must meet attendance requirements for three full trimesters in order to graduate. Due to this we hold graduations at the end of each trimester.

Some grads move on, some continue serving at JPUSA, continue their education or return home and/or to their home church, etc., all as God leads each student.

Staff now takes time off for vacations, then prayer and planning for the next year and opening trimester which will begin mid-September. The cycle of growth continues!

We are truly excited about God’s direction for each of the 12 grads as well as seeing His grace working in each of those who will continue as well as join in the next Project 12 term.

We praise God for His faithfulness to us all- and for your prayers and various gifts of friendship, support and encouragement!

Finally, I will post this year’s past class list as well as my comments from this evening’s event.

Besides living and serving in the Jesus People U.S.A. community in practical service, planned and spontaneous worship, prayer and mission outreach (in general as well as during our two-week mission trip which took us to eight different locations this year); fifteen instructors taught a combination of over 360 hours combined over the 3 trimesters. Here is a list of the classes by title:

Artifacts of God, Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Doing Community, My Life Map, Lectio Divina, Discipleship, How to Study The Bible, Spiritual Direction, Drama of Scripture, 21st Century Issues, Redeemed Lives, Bible Study, Anger Management, Community and Growth, JPUSA History, Ephesians, Accountability, Romans, Engagement and Marriage, Telling Yourself the Truth, Great Divorce, Mission Business, Beatitudes

We give all glory to Jesus for another year of His incredible presence and grace! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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P12 Mission Tour- Glenn’s Notes Part 4

Posted by gkaiser on May 17, 2010

The tour took the team to Bushnell where we stayed at JPUSA’s own Cornerstone Farm.

I was not able to attend the Cafe Aroma show but got good reports from them about it. I had to tend to a messed-up fridge needing serious scrubbing…

But it was Prom and graduation night for many area schools, etc., so a small crowd but a good night.

Early Sun. morning we all loaded the vans and headed to Madison Ave. United Methodist in Peoria.

I have a number of good friends there, and Pastor Bill and also another Pastor Bill (from Peoria Outreach Center/City Church) linked up with us for a wonderful 11 a.m. service.

The people responded very kindly and in this particular setting, myself and Ami led worship, then most of the P12ers joined Ami for a song, and they finished with two from the production, then I brought the message. The response was very encouraging.

And I must say, after a late night, all were really in the Spirit, happy and worked and interacted very well, especially considering what an early morning it was for them.

One of our students comes from the area, and we got word her Mom invited the crew over for dinner, so Curt and I went back to Cstone Farm to take our wives out (we sure missed ’em on this tour!) while the rest of staff and students went to hang out in a local park and then to dinner there in Peoria.

All said they had a blast, great cooking and serious worship and music late into the night, all getting back safe.

Today and tomorrow we rest up at Cornerstone Farm, then Weds. night head to Rock Church in East Peoria for the last show on the trip.

It’s raining off and on, but all who wanted to slept in, are walking, hanging out, in the Word, playing games or watching videos here and there. Cozy day, really, as I write, more overcast but a bit more rain is likely.

Thursday we do a full clean of all the mobile homes where we stayed at Cstone, pack up and head home to Chicago where they do their last show of the tour on Friday night at the Garden Room, Chelsea House, 920 W. Wilson.

So even with rain and cooler weather, hearts are warm and Jesus is truly moving- thanks so much for your prayers! -Glenn

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P12 Mission Tour- GK Pics Vol. 3

Posted by gkaiser on May 14, 2010

My blog notes on our 2010 Mission Tour are at:

P12 Director Curt Mortimer’s outreach journal for the trip are at:!/Project12.JesusPeople

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P12 Mission Tour- Glenn’s Notes Part 3

Posted by gkaiser on May 14, 2010

Days 8-11

Today several P12ers cooked and served breakfast for our friends at Hebron Center- as they have been doing for each meal every day we have been here!

Last night Alan addressed us as P12ers and Hebron men shared a compfire together. It was in a word, excellent.

My longtime friend Alan Bobbett has been director at Hebron Center near Bloomington, Indiana for many years. We share quite a fair bit of the same sort of pre-Christian past, but now, also a deep desire to see people changed and set free by the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

Hebron (a ministry of Wheeler Mission, Indianapolis) is situated at Camp Hunt, a beautiful property in rolling hills with a lake, cabins, a chapel and dining hall and best of all, a Wonderful staff of people seeking to know, grow in and serve Jesus and others.

Hebron focuses on substance abuse addiction and serves men and via them, a lot of families who have been torn to shreds due to addiction.

In our days here, Project 12 shared meals, conversation, prayer and shared testimonies around campfires and via the P12 production from this year’s class.

I was also asked so did a blues/worship set after our production the other night.

To say that God is working here is an understatement! I never cease to be thoroughly blessed by the grace and love evident among the men and staff.

A very large number of those who go through the first year program ask to continue for a second year of leadership training and there is an 80 percent success rate among that group in terms of their never returning to the old addictions.

Alan likes to share that they may be the only drug treatment program that is not only fully centered on Christ… but doesn’t offer classes on how to get off of drugs and alcohol! Funny… true, and Jesus clearly gets the credit for the powerful life-change going on.

There are a number of reasons why it’s important P12ers meet, hear and see people and ministries like this one.

Some of us came out of such destructive habits, some simply need to begin to understand how it is others end up or continue in such horrible addictions. People need to hear true stories from people struggling to be free and truly finding God in the process.

Regardless of the issue, it’s the same for all of us- a fact we must face, not pretend isn’t reality. Dealing honestly via regular confession, forgiveness and accountability in the context of Christian community is exactly what these men are learning and sharing.

They focus on servanthood rather than personal acquisition. They eventually see the fruit of character and attitude change in their own heart as a result.

Both groups exchanged experiences and as always this produced a mutual understanding, encouragement and faith. REALLY good stuff!

Only God knows where and in what areas of service He will call each of us, but our hope is that P12ers will be “ruined for the world”. That is to say status-quo, “nice and clean” Christianity is simply not as real or for that matter, potent to draw anyone to Jesus, nor is it sufficient for an ever-growing group of people in society whose excess, imbalance, deep need for God and lack of genuine Christian examples is only growing.

Whether the students continue on at JPUSA, move into other ministry work, return to their home church or whatever God calls them to, experiencing Him among others in the larger Church is really essential.

As I listened and pondered these last few days, it struck me how I somehow figured my own 60’s hippie generation who played with every form of drug mixed with booze mixed with sex we could imagine- I guess I thought following generations would learn as most of we did that there had to be a better way to live.

The monkey got so much larger than we did, it began leading us around. We no longer had (as they say in AA, NA and so on)control over our own life.

I guess I thought future generations would learn from the wreckage of my generation.

It’s sadly clear that substance abuse is a growing rather than shrinking problem.

What a GIFT to see Him work among these men and families, what a wonderful exchange in sharing these days together! Faith, hope and love are alive in Jesus Christ moving among us. But how tragic so many still don’t know Him and His power to transform.

The students were searching and sharing Scriptures pretty constantly here, prayed about most everything and with staff had a couple very intense but needed meetings over our time here. A number of prayer and worship sessions broke out.

God is quite present and right relationships are being shaped by Him.

As it turns out the Ft. Wayne show wasn’t to be so now we travel on to Macomb, IL where tomorrow night (Sat.) the P12ers will do their production at Cafe Aroma near Western Illinois University campus.

We have a couple more stops in Peoria and E. Peoria, then back to Chicago.

We have a small break between these to rest and enjoy Cornerstone Farm where our annual Cstone Festival is held, and where P12ers along with most others at JPUSA will serve many thousands of fest-goers for a week over the Fourth of July holidays.

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by!


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Glenn’s P12 Mission Tour Pics- Vol. 2

Posted by gkaiser on May 11, 2010

Charlottesville, VA, Travel Through W. VA, Hebron Center near Bloomington, IN

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2010 Mission Tour- GK Pics Vol. 1

Posted by gkaiser on May 9, 2010

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Posted by gkaiser on May 1, 2010

Hi and thanks for having a look! We are also now on Facebook:

The mission trip/tour looks promising, all have been rehearsing, the students have an actual production that includes music, testimony, poetry and we trust will speak to a lot of people throughout the tour.

As you’ll see, there are many stops and a lot of ground to cover so thanks for your prayer support and interest. Please come see us on the road if you’re able!


Tues. & Weds. May 4th & 5th
Koinonia Cafe
27 W Main St.
Morehead KY
Contact: Pastor Bruce or Drew McNeil

Thu. & Fri. May 6th & 7th
Berea Campus Ministries House
Berea, KY
Contact: Niki Fischer or Kimberly

Sat. & Sun. May 8th & 9th
Random Row Books
315 W Main St.
Charlottesville, VA
Contact: Ryan & Erin DeRamus

Mon.-Thu. May 10th–13th
The Hebron Center
7790 North Fish Road
Bloomington, IN
Contact: Alan or Kyle

Fri. May 14th
Come2Go Ministries
323 West Baker St.
Fort Wayne, IN
Contact: Brad Etters & Jan Krist

Sat. May 15th
Café Aroma
301 West University Drive
Macomb, IL

Sun. May 16th
Madison Avenue United Methodist Church
11 a.m. Service
3201 NE Madison Ave.
Peoria, IL
Contact: Pastor Bill (Bulldog:)

Weds. May 19th
Rock Church
1081 Upper Spring Bay Road
East Peoria, IL
Contact: Pastor Chuck or Kristy
309-699-4ROCK (4762)

Fri. May 21st
The Chelsea House
920 W. Wilson
Chicago, IL
Contact: Ami Moss or Ed Bialach

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Another P12 Graduation- Glenn’s Message

Posted by gkaiser on April 13, 2010


Project 12 just had another wonderful end of trimester graduation. Here is the text of my brief message to the grads.:

Ps. 119
129 Your testimonies are wonderful, Therefore my soul keeps them.
130 The entrance of your words gives light. It gives understanding to the simple.
131 I opened my mouth wide and panted, For I longed for your commandments.

Was Jesus ever really, really hungry?

In Mt. 4 and again in Lk. 4 we find the account of Jesus being tempted by the devil. He was tempted after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. He was… very hungry!

In each case the devil tempts Jesus- including when the devil mis-quotes the Word of God- Jesus responds WITH the Word of God.

In story after scriptural story, the Word of His Father was central and core to Who Jesus was and is -it’s exactly the same for us, His disciples!

In Mt. 4.4 and again in Lk. 4.4 He replies to the devil, “People shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God”.

Though we are by faith in the family of God, we cannot and will not experience true spiritual growth and LIFE in Christ without faith in His Word.

Reflect on what God says as you think, speak, act, make choices along the path. Our story is wrapped up in His Story.

One key thing you’ll recall from this year in P12 is the emphasis on listening to God.

May you CONTINUE to listen through the many ways and means you’ve been taught- but do not neglect the study and application of His Word- with “ears to hear” what God is saying.

As it was for Jesus, Scripture is part of the foundation of our spiritual house, our anchor in the storms, our source of life and direction, of godly wisdom and absolutely essential to the authentic faith, hope and love God gives us.

Jesus tells us there is not only the true God but a real devil, not only holy angels but fallen angels, not only a church who lives in Him and His Word but also about temptation.

We may spend countless hours focusing on anything and everything but the Word of God, the Word of the Father, the Word of Jesus, the Word the Holy Spirit gives us in THE Word by which all other words shall be judged.

Listen… Hear our Lord Jesus and REMEMBER: “People shall not LIVE by bread alone… BUT [WILL -LIVE-] BY -EVERY- WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD”.

What we, His people say may be helpful- what HE says is crucial.

GOD BLESS each of you as you continue to seek and find the Lord, grow in His love and serve Him and those around you. Thank you for joining with us this past year in the Greatest Story of all! Amen.

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